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Cross platform games supporting Windows, Mac, Android, iOS & web.

How experienced are your team with games development?

We have been involved in games for mobile platforms and handheld game consoles for over two decades now, having worked with some of the world's biggest brands and on some really well known product lines.

What technologies would you recommend for cross platform game development?

These days we see Flutter as the first choice for new game development as it allows the sharing of code for game logic, game graphics and user interface across iOS, Android (including Fire TV), web, as well as Windows, Mac and Linux desktops & laptops.

Are popular games engines such as Unity, Unreal and CryEngine better for cross platform game development than Flutter?

While game engines such as Unity, Unreal and CryEngine do also allow you to develop a single codebase that supports multiple platforms, they are quite heavyweight and are better suited to games that require advanced graphics features running on new high end mobile devices as well as desktops and laptops with a dedicated graphics card. If you want good performance on budget, mid-range and older mobile devices, as well as in a web browser and on entry level laptops without a dedicated graphics chip, a more lightweight solution such as Flutter is needed.

How much does it cost to develop a multiplatform game in Flutter?

The costs can vary quite dramatically.
It is quite possible to get a simple game delivered for under £1000 (under $1300 or under 1200 euro) by using a pre-existing game (open source or cheaply licenced) as a starting point, and purchasing art stock assets, however it's important to understand that there would be minimal customisation possible beyond changing art & text etc. When ‘game development’ is advertised on places like PeoplePerHour or Fiver etc for a few hundred dollars, that is what you would be getting at best, which may be fine if you are just looking for a mini-game to engage visitors to your website, but it’s not going to turn your great game idea into a viable product.
At the other end of the scale, we have all heard of 'Triple A' blockbuster games having budgets in the millions, although budgets tend not to reach quite so high when it comes to multiplatform games that cover mobile and web.
Realistically, a custom developed multiplatform game with its own unique design, with some degree of online connectivity but no unusual requirements is likely to come in somewhere between £30,000 ($38,000 or 36,000 euro) and £100,000 ($125,000 or 117,000 euro), supporting Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux & web. The costs will vary depending on the complexity & nature of the gameplay, multiplayer elements & willingness to use stock art assets for less prominent visual elements.

How does the consultancy process work for cross platform game development?

We start by working together to understand your idea or game design if you already have one.. It's completely normal to start with just an idea, or to have already come up with a detailed design.
Once the requirements are clear and the design is documented, if necessary, we work with some great graphic artists who can create fantastic visuals for your game, although if you have graphic artists in-house or wish to use art assets from elsewhere, we will be happy to work with those too.
Depending on the complexity of your game, and how likely your requirements are to change there are different ways we can proceed with either a fixed scope & fixed price, or an agile approach to developing your game.
Quality assurance testing happens throughout the development process, the balance is usually more towards manual testing with games than is the case with apps as the quality of gameplay is more subjective and sometimes it requires human judgement to say something doesn’t feel right. That said, automated tests still have a role to play and can really help with detecting bugs and verifying fixes. Prior to a full release it is usual to set aside some time for quality assurance testing and resolution of issues. Testing of the game on physical devices, ensuring all platforms are working as expected is an important part of this.
Once the release is ready we can handle the release to the stores (Apple Store, Google Play, Microsoft Store) for you, or guide your staff through the process.
You own the source code to the development work you've paid for, and while we will of course be there to support you for future updates when you need us, you are completely free to take it to another development partner or build your own team.
The process of developing a game update is really a smaller scale version of the process explained above, with understanding of requirements, design documentation, followed by development either on a fixed scope or agile basis, quality assurance and release.
To get started, tell us your game idea and let's take it from there.

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