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Maintaining and updating legacy iOS apps using Objective C

What is Objective C?

Objective C was the original language of choice for developing iOS apps before Apple released Swift. It is still supported by Apple's development tools and is expected to be supported well into the future.
While it would be unusual to start an entirely new iOS app project nowadays using Objective C, if you have an existing codebase written in Objective C there's no need to start again. We can happily take over an Objective C project and carry on development either in Objective C, or combine new functionality in Swift with existing functionality in Objective C in the same app.
This is also true when it comes to creating a new app built on top of existing functionality from a previous app for which you have a codebase in Objective C.

How does the consultancy process work for updating iOS apps developed in Objective C?

We start by working together to understand your requirements. If you are looking to develop a brand new app we would strongly suggest that you either have it developed in Swift or developed using a multiplatform framework.
If however you have an existing codebase using Objective C, that you are either looking to create updates for, or use as the basis for a new project then it makes sense to continue to work with Objective C or a mixture of Objective C and Swift.
Once requirements have been documented, depending on the complexity of your app, and how likely your requirements are to change there are different ways we can proceed with either a fixed scope & fixed price, or an agile approach to building your app. These are explained in more detail, along with the rest of the process on our home page.
Quality assurance testing happens throughout the development process, both through the development of automated tests and through manual testing of the app on physical devices, which is especially important on Android due to differences between device manufacturers and OS versions. Prior to a full app release it is usual to set aside some time for quality assurance testing and resolution of issues, including end to end testing, user acceptance testing, security testing & device testing.
Once the release is ready we can handle the release to Google Play for you, or guide your staff through the process.
You own the source code to the development work you've paid for, and while we will of course be there to support you for future updates when you need us, you are completely free to take it to another development partner or build your own team.
The process of developing an app update is really a smaller scale version of the process explained above, with documenting of requirements, design, followed by development either on a fixed scope or agile basis, quality assurance and release.
To get started, tell us your app idea and let's take it from there.

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